module Roda::RodaPlugins::Public

def self.configure(app, opts={})

:root :: Use this option for the root of the public directory (default: "public")
:headers :: A hash of headers to use for statically served files
for clients supporting brotli transfer encoding.
:brotli :: Whether to serve already brotli-compressed files with a .br extension
supporting gzipped transfer encoding.
:gzip :: Whether to serve already gzipped files with a .gz extension for clients
:default_mime :: The default mime type to use if the mime type is not recognized.
Use options given to setup a Rack::File instance for serving files. Options:
def self.configure(app, opts={})
  if opts[:root]
    app.opts[:public_root] = app.expand_path(opts[:root])
  elsif !app.opts[:public_root]
    app.opts[:public_root] = app.expand_path("public")
  app.opts[:public_server] =[:public_root], opts[:headers]||{}, opts[:default_mime] || 'text/plain')
  app.opts[:public_gzip] = opts[:gzip]
  app.opts[:public_brotli] = opts[:brotli]